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Microsoft Windows Server 2022 CAL - 5 User

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 CAL - 5 User

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Microsoft Windows Server 2022 CAL - 5 User

Introducing the latest innovation from Microsoft - the Windows Server 2022 CAL for 5 users. This remote desktop services user CAL is designed to provide a seamless and advanced server experience for users and administrators alike. With features such as server management, data storage, security, and communication tools, the Windows Server 2022 is the ultimate solution for all your server needs.

What is Microsoft Windows Server?

The Windows Server is Microsoft's server operating system that offers a Windows-quality experience while also providing advanced features for server functions. It is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a reliable and efficient server system.

Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Services User CAL

The RDS User CAL for Windows Server 2022 is ideal for employees who use multiple devices. With the increasing use of personal devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, this CAL allows users to access server services from any device, making it a convenient and practical choice.

What is the Difference Between User CAL and Device CAL?

A User CAL allows a named user to access the server from any device, while a Device CAL allows access to a specific device regardless of the number of users. This makes User CALs suitable for businesses with employees who require roaming access, while Device CALs are beneficial for customers with multiple users for one device, such as shift employees.

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