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Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard - 24 Core + 5 RDS CALs

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard - 24 Core + 5 RDS CALs

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Grab this amazing deal on Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard - 24 Core + 5 RDS CALs 

  • Manage cloud-ready workloads and make your business more flexible and usable.
  • Different deployment options enhance your availability and reduce resource usage. Choose between Server Core and Desktop Experience to maximize your resources according to your needs.
  • Increased security for your entire server, including virtual machines. Features such as Windows Defender protection, shielded VMs, and encryption for containers ensure no threats present harm to your system.
  • Use Azure for storage, server backups, and site recovery. Additionally, you can utilize the Azure active directory to further enhance your server.
  • Analyze your server data both locally or through predictive analytics with System Insights. The machine-learning model is capable of providing useful details and allows you to gain a better understanding of your system.
  • Enjoy reduced network traffic and smooth video playback with the improved graphics processing unit virtualization technologies.
  • Establish remote connections. Remote connections to your Windows Server 2022 can be established from anywhere in the world. All you need is a working internet connection and desktop or mobile device!
  • Access your server files from anywhere. You can access your server files from anywhere after connecting to them using the Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Services. This allows you to work in different physical locations than where your server is located, making work easier and more efficient!
  • Connect 5 RDS users. Increase user connections by 5 and allow more employees to take remote access. This will expand your opportunities in Windows Server 2022.
  • Secure connections. The new security features in Windows Server 2022 protect your user connections from malware and other malicious attacks.
  • Trusted Platform Module. TPM provides storage for security data, such as your Bitlocker keys. It works with Secure Boot to ensure that all boot software (UEFI firmware and EFI applications) haven't been overturned by a rootkit.
  • More security enhancements. There are even more of the latest security functions that you can find on Windows Server 2022, including TLS 1.3 being enabled by default across your servers.



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